Luxury accommodation close to your place of work.

Cost effective alternative to long or short term letting.

Modern, clean and contemporary living spaces.

About Work Haven

Rooms to let in professional house shares

For various reasons we sometimes find ourselves in a situation where we need accommodation for a shorter period of time for many different reasons, but it can often be associated with ‘working away from home’ and this is where Work Haven can offer huge benefits to you as an individual.

People often come to us because they are looking for accommodation near to a place of work, but without the long term commitment that is usually associated with renting a property. This could be due to them being on a short term work contract or it could even be a longer term contract and therefore they have the need for a second property near to their place of work.

Work Haven gives you the opportunity to live in modern, clean & contemporary surroundings, but without the usual high cost associated with this. Being that the living space is shared by like minded people, the harmonious nature of living at Work Haven also brings a great opportunity to meet new people and enjoy the company of others in a similar situation to you.

Why choose Work Haven?

The one thing that you need from someone like Work Haven is simplicity, so that is what we try to do!

Work Haven is run on a friendly and professional basis and if that's not enough just click the button below to learn more about why you choose Work Haven.

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